BTB and BTC video, web, digital, and mobile projects I've been a part of throughout my career.  Enjoy!

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Gateway 311

This citizen education video provides a simple overview of the features and benefits of the Gateway 311 mobile app.

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First Bank

Built in DotNetNuke, this new mid-tier bank website improved brand clarity and simplified the customer journey.  


Opportunity Max

A digital solutions company helping automotive dealers increase vehicle sales through online tactical solutions. 


Howard Levinson

Howard is an accomplished author, songwriter, former police officer and forensics specialist residing in St. Louis. 


Life Made Easy

Buying life insurance should be simple and hassle free.   This effective approach makes life easier for online purchasers. 


Gen Y Mobile App

This mobile app is built primarily for 300,000 Gen-Y citizens seeking simple and easy self-service content. 

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Golfswapper is a transactional e-commerce marketplace for golfers to list, buy and sell clubs and accessories 



Vehicle protection plans and programs offering buyers protection beyond the manufactuers warranty period. 

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Sonny's Automotive

Sonny's is a popular independent automotive repair shop.  Simple folks, no-frills, and guaranteed honest service.


Goodwill Ambassadors

The simplicity of online technologies to connect with valued customers has never been more important.


St. Louis County

This citizen-facing website supports 18,000 daily visitors and represents over 40 St. Louis County departments. 


Oakwood Group

This website provides new clarity for the broad suite of company service offerings and the expertise of the team.  



BBJ (Businesspersons Between Jobs) is a 50-year-old support group for unemployed business professionals.


Protection Plan

Educating consumers on the features and benefits of having a vehicle protection plan and saving money. 


Benefits of a Plan

Simplifying product features and benefits help consumers having difficulty with a buying decision.

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