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Contextual Inquiry Research

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Attracting new clients is no easy chore.  Our research mission was to understand how to provide prospects the right amount of information to engage them and minimize an abandoned shopping cart.  Multiple prototypes were created and tested.  We were looking for the right balance to increase interest and require a minimal amount of information to be collected.   



Usability studies with branch team members, clients, and prospects.  Participants read and viewed each step of becoming a client and helped us understand when and why they would fall out.  The feedback to the design team was invaluable in reconstructing the idea impression and contact form, in order to get the right information.   



Create the Research Brief, Moderator Guide, and facilitate sixty-minute Zoom sessions on mobile and desktop.  



Providing too much information proved to be a deal killer for many participants.  We adjusted the content flexibility to provide as little information as possible.  To connect with the right adviser, the bio was most effective when it didn't sound like 'corporate wrote it.'  The confirmation message needed to also be short and sweet, and great an auto-responder message with the prospects' email.  Mobile became our biggest hurdle.  It was a long scroll to the bottom, and as and good heat-mapping tool will tell you, don't go too far below the fold line.  

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