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Company Intranet | Redesign


This Intranet page receives over two million annual visits  As a high demand location, it serves the critical needs of thousands of daily users.  Built on an old and antiquated platform, the plan was to move the design to Sharepoint and overall the design at the same time.  I was responsible for developing the prototypes which would lead the design team in the right direction.    


A survey of 557 employees, unveiled most of what we already knew.  The page was more functional to daily users than monthly users - however, the low marks from the research audience captured key insights.  Not efficient, too cluttered, not modern, or intuitive, and a very perplexing navigational hierarchy.  The research participants vetted out our initial assumptions.  Phone call - "Hey,  to the design team - its' time to go!."


After building a solid low-fi Sketch prototype, we researched the audience and came away with what we already knew - design efficiency.  Simple things like top-level navigation, better written L2's, a design that would semi-motivate me to visit the companies Intranet page and actually enjoy it.  User experience 101.  We also thought a lot about the effective use of white space, carefully written content, navigation hierarchy, typography, iconography, real-world imagery were included in the prototype and end design boards.  I anxiously wait as this project moves forward!  


Attracting new clients is no easy chore.  Our research mission was to understand how to provide prospects the right amount of information to engage them and minimize an abandoned shopping cart.  Multiple prototypes were created and tested.  We were looking for the right balance to increase interest and require a minimal amount of information to be collected.   

Current Page
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Sketch Prototype
JonesNet Prototype #1.PNG
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