Hi, I'm Mike.

I'm a researcher, digital marketer, and transformation leader.

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Mike Hoffey

Life Up To Now

I have spent most of my life in St. Louis but grew up in a great college town, Iowa City, Iowa.  My career includes senior-level marketing and research roles in telecommunications, financial services, banking, technology, and public government.  Began as a cable TV door-to-door salesman in Long Beach, CA..  that my friends was a wake-up call!  

What Makes Life Fun (This Month)

Research.  Consumer-power.  Mobile.  Pantone's.  Creating joy.      

My Family

Parents of two sons in college.  Enjoy hiking, skiing, travel, and giving back.  Parishioners at Holy Infant in Ballwin.  Wildwood is our home.  I'm a daily runner, screenplay writer, enjoy a good Netflix documentary, and playing keys in my band, Bold Adventure.    

The Hoffey Family